Alpha Global Partners Strategic Technology Services

Alpha Global Partners is a leading voice in the global conversation on the evolution of broadband networks, digital services and emerging technologies that are creating a worldwide network of convergence that we call……the digisphere™.

Sudhir Ispahani, the founder and CEO of Alpha Global Partners, has over the past decade established himself as a leading global strategic technology thinker and activator of reality based implementations of digital, IP and broadband technologies.

With offices in Sydney, Honolulu & Colorado, Alpha Global Partners leads and directs a global group of strategic partners and alliances worldwide.

Our Vision:

Strategic Insight into the Digisphere™

Our Mission:

To provide independent and objective strategic assessments of digital and IP based communication and media technologies through a comprehensive program of technology strategy reviews, technology evaluation structures and end to end economic analysis.

Alpha Global Partners “Leveraging the lessons of the past and the knowledge of the present in order to anticipate the future”