About Us

Our Story

Alpha Global Partners is a leading voice in the global conversation on the evolution of broadband networks, digital services and emerging technologies that are creating a worldwide network of convergence.

Sudhir Ispahani, founder and CEO of Alpha Global Partners, has established himself as a leading global strategic technology thinker and activator of reality based implementations of digital, IP and broadband technologies.

Our Mission

To provide independent and objective strategic assessments of digital and IP based communication and media technologies through a comprehensive program of technology strategy reviews, technology evaluation structures and end to end economic analysis.

Our Vision

“Leveraging the lessons of the past and the knowledge of the present in order to anticipate the future”


leadership Team

Sudhir Ispahani

 Sudhir  Ispahani  has led a distinguished career driving transformative technology advancements, while being an active global voice in the pioneering evolution of the early days of telecommunications and broadband developments around the globe, and guiding  technology divisions of international and Fortune 100 companies. Now, Sudhir  Ispahani is focused on investing back into the industries and causes that will make a difference for next-generation leaders.  (more…)

Valerie Osler

Managing Director (Americas & Asia Pacific)
Valerie Osler has a broad array of executive skills that enable her to be an effective implementer of both strategic and tactical business initiatives. Valerie formerly worked at Liberty Global where she helped oversee the building of Europe’s first and largest Broadband IP Distribution Network spanning 15 countries and serving 13 million customers. (more…)