Strategic Services

Alpha Global Partners has five primary operating areas that address the main constituencies which have a strategic interest in the rapidly evolving Digisphere™.

  • Investment
    To provide the worlds leading investment and venture capital groups with leading edge technical, economic and feasibility reviews of their communications and digital media portfolios and technology roadmaps.
  • Government
    To provide visionary public policy officials with independent strategic insight into the real deployment capabilities of modern communications and media technologies.
  • Service Providers/Vendors
    To provide objective review and analysis of product/service roadmaps, technology strategies and both technical and operational execution capabilities. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    To provide focused due diligence on the technical feasibility and operational implementation competencies of merger or acquisition targets.
  • The Digital Symposia
    To provide National, Regional and Continent-Wide government entities an accelerated path to better understanding and improved knowledge about digital communications and media through a highly interactive two day set of tutorials and demonstrations.